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I’m Baaaaaccckkkkk!!!

I know you have all been waiting for this. I know everyone has been on their hands and feet, salivating for the return of the blog, and more importantly the return of Hoppy Talk!

For those of you unaware, I have been on a brief hiatus for about a month and it was not planned. In the midst of being the best beer blogger in the game, starting a podcast that is getting the best starting results, I had my laptop, which is the sole source of both ventures, crap out on me. I had to send it away for repairs for a month, assuring every little bit of data saved on this thing was restored.

In that month, I think I posted maybe 2 blog posts and absolutely no podcast episodes. So where do we go from here? I have been doing some soul searching, thinking of creative ways to continue the journey and fill my pockets will beer as much as my belly is filled with beer.

  1. For the blog, Beer Belly Bill, we are going to continue as usual. You will be getting the typical blogs about Tues News, Weekend Updates, random announcements, life stories, humor, etc. as much as I can churn it out.
  2. For social media, nothing has changed. I was able to post things through my phone, so you have all been getting free content to enjoy the past month, mainly on Instagram. Go follow! I also plan on doing milestone giveaways now that I am fully into the game. Watch out for the first!
  3. For the podcast, Hoppy Talk, we are going to start up weekly again, and target a specific day to record by and a day to release. This will give it consistency. The big announcement related to Hoppy Talk is that we will be adding guests on as much as possible! Yes, guests are now going to be live on the podcast, answering questions, shooting the shit, giving insight into beer news and much more. These guests will probably start out with friends who are popular on social media and move into influencers, beer-adjacent product owners, and brewery owners themselves, maybe even craft beer loving celebrities someday. The theme will still be similar, talking news, some funny segments, life stories, and so forth. Go Subscribe on iTunes!
  4. I am going to be looking for content writers. It will be unpaid (sorry for now!). I will also be looking for a potential Hoppy Talk co-host (also unpaid). I don’t get paid so I cannot afford to pay until I create revenue. I also would like to extend the Hoppy Talk Podcast network to other podcasts. Have everyone under one roof. Doesn’t all have to be beer-related. Prefer it not to be, honestly. The power of a network is better than individualized podcasts. Genius. Email me beerbellybill1@gmail.com
  5. I will also be designing merchandise in the near future. WordPress has found a payment button that I will be playing with on the site to figure out how to work that. I will be working on designs, promoting them, and coming up with various merch to sell. Probably T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Beer Glasses, Stickers, etc.


A LOT is going on for your man Beer Belly Bill. All good stuff. Trying to take that next step. I need your help to get there. Thank you for sticking around during a trying time, I appreciate the love and support!

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