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Fox News is Fake News Releasing This List

10 craft beers you need to sip before summer ends

So I’m going to go through this list VERY quickly below:

  1. Full Sail Session Watermelon Wheat
  2. Goose Island Sofie
  3. Devils Backbone Striped Bass Pale Ale
  4. Anchor Brewing Blood Orange Blonde
  5. Widmer Brothers Drifter Pale Ale
  6. Deschutes Brewery American Wheat
  7. Montauk Watermelon Session Ale
  8. SweetWater Mexican Style Lager
  9. Yards Saison
  10. Sam Adams Porch Rocker

So I bolded the bullshit “big beer” list above. I italicized Sammy Adams because although technically it is craft, it is also so big it can be considering “big beer” on its own.

I’m going to stay woke on this and say that someone who worked on this article 1) doesn’t know craft beer and 2) has their hands in the pockets from big beer. Look at it. AB-InBev has 2 of the top 3. That Japanese owned Anchor comes in at #4. Widmer Bros. has a 25% stake from AB-InBev. Four of the top 5 are big beer. This is bullshit.

There’s a lot of talk about fake news in the media and I think this is a very obvious case. Sorry Sun Belt. Listen to your man BBB about beer, not a political site.



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