#TuesNews – Adidas Comes Out with Beer Repellent Shoes

CraftBeer.Com – Adidas is launching München Oktoberfest shoes. They strike us as the perfect way to show the hop head in your life that you care. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary or the Great American Beer Festival®, nothing says “I love you” like sick kicks. The München is a classic Adidas style, originally released in the seventies. Now they’re back with some beer savvy upgrades. The shoe is named after the beer-famous city of Munich which is host of the renowned Oktoberfest, held every year in September. The limited-edition Adidas beer shoes are said to be a nod to, “the true spirit of Oktoberfest,” complete with embroidered leather inspired by lederhosen. The shoe replaces the stitched “München” with the customary toast of “Prost” along the side. The true value of the gift that keeps on giving is the “durable DPBR coating,” writes’s Patrick Johnson. The DPBR coating is the shoe’s beer and water resistant material, making it an essential part of any beer festival aficionado’s wardrobe.

FINALLY! It took 2017 freaking years, but finally we have beer resistant shoes. No more of that bullshit beer stain on your freshest kicks after a night out at the bar. No more of the scrubbing, water-proofing, or avoiding being peak stylish to avoid the shoe problem. Guys can wear these kicks out and that acronym I don’t understand makes it water/beer proof.

My question is why the hell did this not come out years ago? Why weren’t the geniuses out there working on a cure for beer shoes years ago. I know why. Because back in our parent’s day, every ruined shoe means that person has to buy another shoe. Now, they have us hooked and convinced we need 87 shoes as guys anyways, so they can all be waterproof without Adidas worrying about us not buying more shoes. We need this shoe in every color, hightop, lowtop and one from each year because there are classics and vintage. I see those spam Facebook posts for cheap Jordan’s that certain people repost, don’t think I don’t.

But let’s talk about these shoes from a guy who wears boat shoes, dress shoes, and running shoes pretty much exclusively.

beer shoes

They look alright. I personally don’t like the color scheme. I don’t wear enough that would match the gold and I wear mostly brown so that blackish color won’t go. Black and brown are no-no’s gentleman. I gotta have me some Navy shoes for the blue I wear, some brown guys, maybe a black or white pair. That’s about it. Pretty plain. I imagine they will come out with more colors. I imagine they will license this wonderful technology out to Big Baller Brand and Nike and Under Armour.

Time will tell. Let’s celebrate the small wins and today is a good day folks.

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