Emilia Clarke Will Not Go On a Date With Me and It’s Hurting My Confidence

Being a blogger and a podcaster is tough work. I get to sit at home, type things, talk for a while, listen to music, drink a beer, and lounge around. Tough stuff. The only thing truly tough about it is looking at yourself in the mirror after downing an entire Tostito’s Scoops bag with Queso Blanco and 3 beers that night.

So I’m sitting here on my couch doing exactly that, and I’m a little upset that myself, with sub-1000 followers on Instagram, cannot get a DM back from Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame, with 10 million+ followers. Preposterous!

So here’s whats been happening:

It started out as a joke. I followed her on IG because I think she is actually pretty funny on social media and I am a HUGE thrones fan and am all about that (SPOILER ALERT) incest. It took 7 seasons for it to become acceptable and have the entire planet rooting for incest, but it worked. I throw her a DM

“Hey Emilia, what’s up? Huge fan of yours! Dying slowly for that finale. Sorry for Viserion.”

Nuthing. (Ygritte voice to Jon Snow)

Then I start thinking, wow it would be awesome to go on a date with her, grab a beer, listen to her talk about her experiences, maybe hold her hand as we walk down the streets of London. I romanticized it a bit in my head I’ll admit. I DM her again. Then again. Then again, and a few more times after that. She’s a busy woman and she doesn’t read her DM’s obviously.

But the facts are the facts. I am a simple man who loves his beer and she seems fun and single and I am fun and single and we could definitely have a good conversation for a few hours over a couple pints while eating something greasy and tasty. She is the freaking Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Queen of the Andals, Renamer of Dragon’s Bay, Unburnt, Heir to the Iron Throne and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and future savior of Westeros from the Knight King. She can definitely be the drinker of beers with a nice guy.

emilia clark

So here’s what we do. Let’s get a movement going. I just want a date with her to show her there are good people in this world. Am I normal? Absolutely not. I DM’d someone with 10 million followers like 10 times with no response. Am I nice? Absolutely. Would I fly to London for a couple hours of her time? Which airlines fly to London again?

Help a brother out and DM her for me folks! Be my wingman or woman! Cheers!

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