Tues News: Clown Shoes Joins Team Harpoon in a Move that Will Never make Actual Clowns Less Creepy

Harpoon – The craft beer world is a funny place. Seems like every day there’s a new story about this guy buying that guy, someone going out of business, or a new brewery popping up out of thin air. It’s hard staying on top of things when you’re in the biz so we can imagine that as a beer drinker, you’re probably like, “huh?” One constant for us has always been our appreciation and respect for independent brewing. So when we heard of an opportunity to join forces with a fellow Massachusetts brewer, we paid attention. The more we learned about the team we now call our friends and colleagues, the more excited we became at the prospect of working together. After many conversations, more than a few beers, and some great brainstorming, we are happy to announce that Clown Shoes Beer will be joining the Harpoon family!

Boom! A big day in the craft beer world. Some of you will be disheartened by the fact that a larger craft brewery bought a smaller one. This is an understandable knee jerk reaction. We love the home feeling we get when we walk in and smell the hops, when we know the brewer, his/her spouse (we stay progressive at BBB folks), and all that fun stuff. But let’s not kid ourselves here, it’s tough to make a living in 2017. We got millennials like myself with side hustles to pay off those loans, others doing Uber on the side just to pay for vacations.

It’s a wild time. Let me remind you that in a country of 50 states, there are approximately 5000 breweries. The population is about 330 million people. That is one brewery for every 660,000 people. That may seem like a lot, but that is also factoring in people under 21, people who don’t drink, people who drink and don’t prefer beer at all, and people who drink big market beers only. It is incredibly difficult to make that cake folks. And selling out to Harpoon instead of AB-InBev scumbags, SABMiller, Constellation, Heineken is way better. The owners can now put their kids through college, retire, do what they love beyond beer, travel, everything we all want to do and work our tail ends off to do. They just achieved that dream. The Craft Beer Community is about unity, it’s about love of beer, and it’s about supporting each other. Let’s support this as a unification of breweries that we may love. It’s good for business. We would all take that money for our families and our dreams. Our dreams change through the stages of life.

Right now my dream is to get so fucked up on craft beer that I do semi-permanent brain damage and write about it. In a year or 5 years, it could be about finding a lovely woman and potentially looking towards a future that includes marriage, kids, a house, a 401k, an accountant, and yearly vacations to get away from the mediocrity of life. Your dreams will be different.

Also as a side note, who the fuck named them the Clown Shoes. Being that it is Halloween, that is probably THE scariest name for a brewery in the history of breweries. I fucking HATE clowns! They scare me. IT is a hell no for me. Pennywise can go get eaten by sewer gators. Rebrand that shit Harpoon, do us all that one goddamn favor.

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